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At Addison's Auto Service inc. we offer a wide array of services. Listed below are just a few examples of what we provide.

Oil, Lube and Filter Service

With either a Conventional or Synthetic Oil change we also preform a multi-point inspection which includes fluid check and top up, brake life, tread depth and tire wear, suspension, steering, checking 

belt and hoses and more. 

-Conventional Oil Change up to 5L - $60.00

-Synthetic Oil Change up to 5L - $90.00

-Synthetic Euro Oil Change up to 5L -$100.00

Tire Installation and Balancing

Whether you need your tires changed over for the season or you've purchased new tires and need them mounted and balanced on your rims. We have the equipment to get that done for you.

 -Tire Mount and Balance - $25.00 per tire

-Tire Disposal Fee - $2.50 per tire

-Low Profile/Run Flat Tire-add $5.00 per tire

Tire Changeover (Not on Rims) $85.00

Tire Changeover (On Rims) $25.00

-Tire Rotation - $25.00


We feel that safeties are a very important part of a vehicle sale, maintenance and passenger safety. We take great pride and 

do not cut corners to ensure your vehicle

 meets the standard.

-Safety Inspections on vehicles 

Less than 4500kg - $150.00

-Safety Inspections on vehicles Greater than 4500kg - $220.00 

Vehicle Diagnostics

Whether your vehicle is making a new sound, smells strange or feels different. We have the tools to asses the problem and suggest the best and most cost effective solution.

-Our Shop rate is $85.00 per hour

-Parts vary depending on 

the solution and the vehicle

Brake Servicing

From a brake fluid flush to replacing brake pads or shoes, new rotors or drums. We have multiple sources to get you the best quality parts at the most economical price

-Our Shop Rate is $85.00 per hour 

-Parts vary depending on the vehicle

Wheel Alignments

If your vehicle is pulling to the left or to the right. If your tires are wearing unevenly or feathering. These are indications that your vehicle may needs an alignment. We can set your car back on the straight and narrow.

-Front Wheel Alignment - $65.00

-Four Wheel Alignment -$85.00